Overcoming the logistic hurdles of 2022
May 26, 2022

Overcoming the logistic hurdles of 2022

Whether or not you are working in our industry, you have certainly heard that the logistic chain is under tension and US construction products have gone crazy. From appliances, lumber or electrical material, to insulation products, many businesses have to explain to their customers that their prices and lead times have been exploding. 

Thankfully our newsletter will be more upbeat! 

The blow has not been damaging much for our business. Firstly because our clientele often starts planning their project months or years in advance, preparing for permit requests, sourcing and shipping. Secondly because our cabinet manufacturers have anticipated the material shortage and have long  established logistic channels for their raw materials. 

The pricing on our Italian cabinetry has only been increased by a modest 5%, and even if the shipping has increased, our products are still in a very competitive position compared to a more classic custom made American kitchen. 

On the flooring side, things are looking up as well. Despite a couple of challenging months when we experienced hardwood floor backorders and adhesive penury, we are finally seeing the tail end of the issue. Backorders are no longer a matter of months, but rather tend to be closing within 2 weeks. Thanks to our partnership with a diversity of trusted brands, our team was able to find suitable replacements to products that weren’t available whenever waiting wasn’t an option for our customers. 

So the good news is, if you, your friends or your clients are considering a new floor, kitchen, bathroom or closet, come visit us at Reed and feel confident that your project will be in good hands, without any additional delay.