Let's make Crepes this Friday 01/02- Induction Demo
November 10, 2020

Let's make Crepes this Friday 01/02- Induction Demo

The tradition in France this Friday 02nd, if you are religious or not, is to make Crepes during Candlemas.

We want to invite you to come and enjoy crêpes cooked by French Chef Romain Doussineau at the REED INTERIORS showroom.

This is a great occasion to learn about INDUCTION COOKING and GAGGENAU one of the leader in cooking appliances in the world. We will share with you all the possibilities that it offers to our modern day cooking especially when it comes to efficiency, safety and easy cleaning. We will be happy to explain you and demonstrate while enjoying French crepes. 

Kids and friends are not only welcome but encouraged, the more the merrier! 

Friday February 2nd from 12pm to 5pm.

590 E Gutierrez, Santa Barbara 93103 



Popular in Europe for many years, Induction cooking is now taking America by storm.  Without getting too “geeky”, induction cooking heats cooking vessels by magnetic induction, instead of thermal conduction from a flame or an electrical element.   

Because inductive heating directly heats the vessel, very rapid increases and decreases in temperature can be achieved.  Another major benefit of induction cooking is the cooktop remains cool because all of the energy is being transferred directly into the bottom of the vessel.Induction technology provides startling precision, power and efficiency, with up to 40% more efficient use of energy.

Have you ever had to open a window while cooking a big meal?  Another major advantage of induction cooking is that your kitchen doesn’t heat up from residual heat spilling around the edges of your current gas cooktop.  If you can’t stand the heat, buy an induction cooktop.

Stop by any time for a demonstration.