Best Happy Hour Sink
May 26, 2022

Best Happy Hour Sink

Another exciting kitchen product we love to showcase! Happy Hour is a workstation that transforms the washing area of your kitchen into a flexible and complete work area. It’s the perfect stage that makes the kitchen a moment of sharing and joy.

Thanks to its range of accessories, Happy Hour is a complete workstation as if it were that of a chef.

The lane system makes the combined use of countless accessories possible. Grids, cutting boards, tool holders, trays and containers of various sizes. The accessories alternate in the work area with a simple gesture, and can be stacked, so that they are always close at hand.


Eco-sustainable materials designed for maximum functionality with refined color combinations. Stainless steel is synonymous with hygiene and practicality.

Bamboo chopping boards are a sustainable choice that give Happy Hour a natural look and practicality in use. The grids and support elements are made of natural fibers, eco-sustainable materials that stand out for their lightness and strength.