Cooking Class - SY Kitchen - New Commerces Club
June 05, 2017

Cooking Class - SY Kitchen - New Commerces Club

Italian foods have truly helped in projecting the Italian culture to the world, and now the Italian cuisine is loved by virtually everyone. The cooking class hosted in our Design Showroom for Santa Barbara Newcomers Club featured the Italian chef Marco Longinotti and Nicolas Salvagno from the Santa Ynez Kitchen. The chef was able to curate combinations and hearty flavors, featuring recipes inspired by the Italian cuisine he was able to make every one of us understand that Italian food was more than a form of nourishment that it is a way of life from a country where family, friendship, and feasts are indelibly connected.

Located in the Mediterranean region and home to a variety of flavors and food, with an emphasis on eating fresh seasonal food, the chef's recipe was quite a treat. And the Santa Barbara Newcomers Club was really lively, and fun to host, instructing them from basic cooking to more elaborate cooking would be a wonderful experience even for us.

We were really happy to host such an amazing group of people as the chef shared a fantastic food recipe that reflected a range of modern culinary obsessions in everyone. With the fact that these Italian foods can be found in nice restaurants in almost every local area, from New York to Bombay, such excellent Italian cuisine has proven to breach the world borders and is seen as a great option when it comes to fine dining.

In the cooking class, everyone was able to ask the instructors questions about different cooking technique and methods. Another aspect of this was the ability to learn together, which made it an even more exciting experience for the association and we the host.

"Thanks for everybody that participated in this event and we hope you had a great time" 

Myriam and Romain Doussineau